SW-110LF & SW-110LN Laser Assisted Alignment of the SAW Welding Head

• High Visibility, ruby Red, Laser slit light
• Insulated Black Nylon Laser Housing
• High Quality X-Y Adjusting mounting bracket
• 110-240VAC power supply
• Insulated Transformer Box with mounting feet
• Easy Connection to Lincoln NA3 or NA5 Control box via internal 31 & 32
Connection points in main
control box

Smithweld Laser Alignment tools are compliant with AS/NZS-3000-2009 electrical



Smithweld can provide a laser assisted alignment tool to help with the alignment of
your automatic welding system. Both model’s incorporate ruby red laser pointer to
mount on either the Lincoln K23 nozzle (LN) assembly or Flux Hopper (LF).