Proudly Australian Made

Smithweld quality products are designed to improve your workshops productivity, reliability, OHS and efficiency. Whether you work in the oil, gas, construction, processing or mining industries, we have the equipment you need. We design and manufacture all our products at Smithweld, so if you need something different to our standard products, please contact us. We can customize our products to meet most requirements.

How do I pay for products?

We accept EFT, Cash (AUD only), CC online and in person (Master & Visa only) & International Monetary Funds Transfers. We do not accept Cheques without prior arrangement.

Can you supply spare parts?

Yes, as an OEM we either have the parts in stock or can order them easily.

Do you provide Repair/ Technical support?

Yes, as an OEM we are able to repair our own products and/or supply tech support if you are unable to return the product for repair in Welshpool, WA.

Do you provide warranty on your products?

Yes, we provide a 12 month warranty on all our products, limited to normal wear and tear. for further details feel free to contact us.

Where can we buy your products?

You have the option of one of our many Distributors in WA, NT, SA, QLD, VIC, & NSW (see our Premium Distributor list). You can also buy direct from our retail outlet in Welshpool WA.

Can you repair equipment other than Smithweld products?

Generally no we can’t repair “other” equipment and are unwilling to keep a dying machine alive longer than necessary. We are however able to strip and refurbish ancient machinery, if the frame is intact & bring it up to modern Australian industrial standards.

Can you make customised machinery?

Yes, we have worked with many companies over our 25+ years of operation to provide them with bespoke or customised machinery, all made to our high standards.