The equipment that we manufacture at Smithweld is more durable & reliable than any other comparable product available to the market. On a semi-regular basis, we have equipment 15 years old plus, returned for generally minor repair issues. In most cases they have had little to no maintenance over their service life and only need a clean, some minor adjustments or upgrades.

Because at Smithweld we won’t compromise on quality and are strongly against planned obsolescence (products built to fail) in product design, we have created a problem. We have also created an opportunity. With products that are just unwilling to die, a diminished local economy and most Companies unable to secure the finance to buy quality equipment outright, in early 2016 we started SWE Hire to fill the gap. SWE Hire as a wholly owned division of Smithweld Enterprises Pty ltd has direct access to all the quality equipment, service & technical know how of Smithweld, with the added bonus of competitive hire rates.