About Us


Proudly Australian Made

Smithweld Enterprises Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and run OEM based in Welshpool, Perth. We are a family business operating since 1992. We stay competitive in the manufacturing and welding industry by providing our customers with a smarter way to weld tubular, structural and machined steel & specialty alloy sections.

Our quality products are designed and manufactured to improve your Workshops Productivity, Reliability, OHS Compliance and Efficiency. Whether you work in the Oil & Gas, Construction, Defence, Renewable energy, Processing or Mining related industries, we have the equipment you need. We design and manufacture all our products at Smithweld, so if you need something different to our standard products, please contact us. We can customize our products to meet most requirements.

Smithweld have developed a range of products that give our customers the edge over their competitors. Our quality products enable Steel Fabricators & Engineering/Service Workshops to significantly reduce the costs of production. With over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing welding equipment, we are able to supply & customize a range of products that meet the demanding requirements in today’s industry. With our ongoing R&D Programs we are ready for tomorrow.

All Smithweld products comply with AS/NZS-3000-2009 electrical standards.

Our Standard range of products include: …

  • A large range of Electrode/ Rod, TIG/ FCAW wire, SAW flux & Pre-heat Welding Ovens
  • Pipe Welding Rotators
  • Pipe Welding Positioners
  • Pipe Stands
  • SAW/ STT Column & Boom Welding machinery
  • Propane Pre-Heat Burner and support systems
  • Elite Triple Axis Gun/ torch Alignment & Support System
  • Automatic Arc Sensing
  • Rotary Earth systems
  • Welding Consultant – WPS/PQR
  • Custom Design/ Fabrication Service


With the aid of the latest release CAD software, professional Draftsmen and a well oiled engineering –
fabrication team we are able to produce durable, efficient, cohesive & effective designs. All of our designs incorporate the principles of Durability, Safety & Efficiency. This means we are able to update current designs, develop variations & create completely new designs in short time frames.

Research & Development

We are constantly on the watch for newer more effective components, designs and processes. We trial then incorporate for use in current products and to develop wholly new ones. We are past recipients of the AusIndustry R&D Grant. We also work in collaboration with individual customers and partner companies to develop customized products specifically for their operation only. We have developed many proprietary products & processes in our 25+ years of operation and will continue to do so with our ongoing R&D program.


Our assembly lines and manufacturing facilities take full advantage of the first class designs, proven R&D programs and professional staff to fabricate the premium products Smithweld is known for. We use quality certified structural steel, proprietary fabrication processes, precision milled parts, industrial grade primer/paint & reliable electro-mechanical components. We meet and exceed AS/NZS 3000 – 2009.

The only way is Smithweld

Proudly Manufactured in Australia